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Nice, a MICE destination

Nice, this cosmopolitan, dynamic city, overflowing with creative energy, sets the standard for facilities to hold congresses and conventions, business meetings, product launches, incentive activities...The city's attractions lie in its geographical location and in its cultural heritage, as well as in its infrastructure and its ergonomics, such that visitors have access to a comprehensive range of facilities.


New plans and ambitions for Nice

Nice, an authentic and booming city... is currently undergoing a real economic, cultural, artistic and architectural revolution. To make the most of its exceptional setting, the city has set up a development strategy primarily focussed on the preservation of its natural assets, heritage and culture. A sustainable development policy now applies across the board, from transportation to new facilities.



Destination Nice

This press kit presents the destination Nice from different aspects: Infrastructure, Major projects for the city, Culture and heritage, Celebrations in Nice, the city's assets...



Nice, a sporting dynamism

After 200 years of touristic excellence, Nice has embarked on a new cycle, a new strategy, in which sport plays a leading role.


Nice, Green city ... Ecological ambitions

At a time when the planet demands special and attentive care, the City of Nice has conceived a highly committed policy in terms of sustainable development and environmental protection. For this purpose, a vast programme for the redevelopment of the parks and gardens is underway.

Today, Nice wants to be the "Green City of the Mediterranean" and makes every effort so that sustainable development is at the heart of its policy in all the sectors of the city.

The incredible plant diversity, introduced by the landscape gardeners of past and present provides the opportunity to discover the city from a different angle. The same applies to strategies implemented to render life in the city "cleaner" in all senses of the term.