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Getting around Nice

It is easy to get to Nice, it also is easy to get around town.

From its airport, located a few kilometres away from the city centre, to its complete intermodal transportation network (road network, high speed rail, bus, tram, taxicab, or vélo bleu rented bike), Nice combines attractiveness and connectivity.

Useful information: the airport Nice Côte d'Azur (the 1st in France outside Paris) is just under 15 minutes away from the city centre and offers direct flights to 100 destinations in over 30 countries. The Acropolis Convention centre is located 7 km away from the airport; where you will also find over 30 hotels dedicated to business meetings, seminars, incentive- togethers right in the heart of the city.


From the airport to the city centre

From June 28th 2019, Nice Cote d'Azur Airport, France's second largest airport platform, is equipped with equipment worthy of the largest capitals. It is now connected to Nice city center, thanks to line 2 of the tramway.

This new soft mobility solution improves accessibility at Nice Coe d'Azur Airport for the many visitors to France's 2nd largest tourist destination and for residents. It offers quick access to the main tourist attractions and most hotels and restaurants. As a reminder, in 2018, the airport received almost 14 million passengers.

Thanks to this new line, the city center can be reached in less than 30 minutes. This new advantage in terms of mobility and quality of life reinforces Nice Cote d'Azur's eco-responsible positioning. The installation of the tramway has resulted in the construction of a 6km cycle path, a green walkway and the planting of more than 2400 trees along its route. This new line will contribute to reducing traffic and related nuisances.

Between the tram stations of "Terminal 2 Airport" and "Jean Medecin", it now takes less than 30 minutes to complete the journey and to be interconnected with tram line 1, for a fare of €1 (10-trip card) or €1.50 per solo ticket. Line 2 serves important places such as the airport, the Grand Arénas, Phoenix Park and now the centre of Nice. In December 2019, the terminus of line 2 will be extended to the Port of Nice (Port Lympia).

Timetable tramway ligne 2 - « Aéroport Terminal 2 » - « Jean Médecin » (Nice center):

  • -  During the day, a tram every 12 minutes between Jean Medecin and the Airport.

  • -  From Terminal 2 Airport, first departure: 5h30 - last departure: 20h45, (0h31 on Friday and Saturday)

  • -  From Jean Médecin (Nice centre), first departure: 6h55 - last departure: 21h20, (1h05 on Friday and Saturday).

    An increased timetable and frequency from Monday, September 2.

    The bus, the complementary solution to the tramway

    When tram line 2 is not in service, early in the morning and later in the evening, the "airport direct line" BUS takes over at a rate of €1 (10-trip card) or €1.50 per solo ticket. This shuttle will offer a direct journey between downtown Nice and Nice Côte d'Azur Airport in 25 minutes, starting Monday, July 1, 2019.


The titles of transport Downtown - Palais des Congres Acropolis

• Title "Solo": it allows you to make a trip with correspondence during 74 minutes on buses and trams throughout the metropolis. It is sold € 1.50 on the bus or in vending machines tram stations.
• Title "Multi 10 journeys": it allows you to make 10 trips with correspondence during 74 minutes on buses and trams throughout the metropolis. Available for 10 € in vending machines tram stations and in stores "Lignes d'Azur". This title can be used simultaneously by multiple travelers.


The new-generation tram

For comfort and efficiency, Nice has chosen the tram. This new-generation mode of transportation with dedicated right-of-way covers 9,150 km and 22 stops and connects the North and the East via the city centre through Avenue Jean Médecin and Place Masséna.


How to reach your stations "Congress"?
To go to the Acropolis Congress stops "Acropolis" or "Art Walk".
To go to the Acropolis exhibitions: the "Palais des Expositions".
Namely: a tram every 5 minutes during the day. Of passenger information screens show the wait station.

Namely: There are no sales onboard the tram tickets. Do not forget to validate your title when boarding.


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Alternative modes of transportation:

Vélo bleu (rented bikes)
Get around the city in a different way with Vélo Bleu! Nice also offers an alternative means of transportation with easy-hire cycles. 175 docking stations distributed across the whole network (one docking station every 300 metres) give you access to 1 750 cycles, 24/7, 365 days a year.
Useful information: How to use your Vélo Bleu ?
Hiring a Vélo bleu is very straightforward at one of our numerous docking stations spread across the city, using a debit or credit card. The checkout is done at the end of the journey, at any of the docking stations in the city.


Get around by bus in the heart of the city

The interurban bus network, particularly dense in Nice, operates along regular service routes in all city neighbourhoods.
Useful information: for further information on the network and timetables:

Agencies :
- 1, rue d'Italie - Monday/Friday 8am to 7pm - Saturday 8:30am to 6pm
- 4 boulevard Jean Jaurès - Monday/Friday 
8am to 7pm
- 17 avenue Thiers - Monday/Friday 8am to 7pm - Saturday 8am to 3pm
Dial: 08 1006 1006 or

Get around by taxi

To fully complement its transportation network, Nice also offers taxi services, available day and night.
Central Taxi Riviera: 24/7
Tel.: +33 (0)4 93 13 78 78
Reservations, account openings, taxi vouchers. Any trip distance.
Price: Airport - Nice city centre
Day trip (7am/7pm):  €32


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Consider asking a transport conference pass to the organizer of your congress!

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