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Nice Smart City

A world pioneer and well-known smart city, the Nice Côte d'Azur Métropole has taken on the challenge of new technologies and new sectors, and is currently pursuing a resolutely ambitious policy aimed at improving the lives of its inhabitants, optimizing the management of the city and the creation of jobs.

Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur places innovation and sustainable development at the heart of its economic development strategy.

The many Smart City initiatives undertaken in its territory have led Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur to reinforce collaboration with major industrial groups, local SMEs and start-ups, especially those linked to the French Tech network and the world of research and education.

Nice Côte d’Azur, winner of the Idex Label 2016, is home to Nice Grid, the first French Smart Solar District demonstration project and is developing the ambitious Interflex project. It is also the winner of the Smart Innovation 2016 and Silver Decibel 2016 trophies for Urban Environmental Monitoring, listed as a Positive Energy Territory by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy. It was recently selected for the Smart City demonstration project by the Caisse des Dépôts and recognised for its innovativeness by the European Union, with a 1‑million‑euro ERDF grant to amplify Smart City projects.

Nice, an ambassador city for Innovation in Europe

Nice has been recognized as one of the 10 most innovative cities in Europe.

Nice's efforts in terms of innovation, energy transition, security, connected health and aging well were rewarded at the Lisbon Web Summit (November 2017). Nice has been designated the "Innovation Ambassador City of Europe".

Also, at the end of the 18th Cities Conference, held in Paris on 19 September 2018, the 1st Grand Prix des Villes ceremony, organised by BFM Business, awarded the Metropole Nice Côte d'Azur, along with the cities of Lille and Nantes, in the "Smart City and Green Growth" category.

French Tech Label

French Tech Côte d'Azur Nice, Sophia Antipolis, Cannes, Grasse and the rest of the Côte d'Azur department have united their strengths and obtained the “French Tech Metropolis” label in June, 2015.

A label rewarding an outstanding digital industry to grow further on the Côte d'Azur The Côte d’Azur digital stakeholders have mobilized and obtained the “French Tech Metropolis” label to accelerate the growth of tech champions in Côte d'Azur and attract further digital talents into the region.

What is “La French Tech? “ France is a country of talent, of inventors. It is fortunate to have creative and highly educated entrepreneurs. “La French Tech” refers to all the people working for or with French startups, in France or abroad. This ecosystem is made up of entrepreneurs, obviously, but also investors, engineers, designers, developers, associations, bloggers, media, big companies, and government agencies… All the players who are working towards startups’ growth and international promotion.

The French Tech initiative Launched by the French government, the French Tech initiative aims at turning France into a large accelerator for startups. It has triggered a collective momentum and awarded the “French Tech” label to a small number of vibrant local ecosystems where startups, investors, and foreign talents can easily find the necessary ingredients to accelerate their development. These are outstanding metropolises and international hubs where further initiatives will help successful French startups grow into international ‘tech champions’, and attract foreign startups as well as skilled digital professionals.


Smart City Innovation Center

In February 2015, the Nice Côte d‘Azur Metropolis opened its 'Smart City Innovation Center', the first French platform to bring together stakeholders in research and learning as well as leading smart city-focused companies in a single location.

Spurred on by Christian Estrosi, Deputy Mayor of Nice and in close collaboration with the Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis, within the framework of the IMREDD (Mediterranean Institute for Environmental Risk and Sustainable Development), the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis called on a consortium of key industrial stakeholders to bring the Smart City Innovation Center to life. A collaborative platform unique in France, the Smart City Innovation Center brings together stakeholders in research and learning as well as leading smart city-focused companies in a single location. 

The Smart City Innovation Center takes the form of a 300 m2 showroom set up in the heart of the Eco-Vallée. This space allows stakeholders at the university and in research to work alongside industrial leaders in the fields of innovation and smart cities (Veolia, IBM, m2ocity, Orange). The MUE (Urban Environment Monitoring) will be one of the first applications to be showcased: a network comprised of close to 3,000 captors will be rolled out across 160 hectares in western Nice to collect and process environmental data (air quality, noise, water and energy, waste management, etc.) in a bid to test twenty-odd new services and improve said services for the benefit of local residents, authorities and companies.

The Smart City Innovation Center paves the way for the future Plaine du Var Eco-Campus, setting the stage for the region's economic future by developing projects based on the key concept of a sustainable, interconnected metropolis as outlined by Christian Estrosi with a view to achieving economic development and job creation, and in doing so improving management of the city and the lives of Nice locals.


Innovative City Convention

Each year, in June, Nice hosts the Innovative City Convention.

A record 3,200 professionals attended Innovative City 2015, an event that included conferences, exhibitors, BtoB meetings, key international players and opportunities for new partnerships and contracts.

Converging on lnnovative City Convention– the must-attend meeting place of global experts in urban innovation– will be public and private decision-makers, elected members and representatives of local authorities, companies, public sector institutions, R&D entities, sociologists, investors and startups, think-tanks and networks.

The Smart City concept has moved off the drawing board into the hands of practitioners to demonstrate how innovation enhances the quality of urban life.

Innovative City Convention - Delivering Urban Innovation, offers even more creative solutions and make its core contribution to the resilience of local communities and services, along with access to a wealth of people-friendly new technologies serving connected lifestyles.

Attracting French, European and global leaders in urban development, Innovative City Convention keeps pace with upcoming technologies and needs as a showcase for start-ups, big players in new technologies and investors in innovation.


The MUE (Urban Environment Monitoring)

Thanks to 3,000 sensors rolled out over 160 hectares in western Nice, this monitoring system will allow environmental data to be processed (air and sound pollution, water and energy, waste management, etc.) to test new services for the benefit of local residents, companies and authorities.

"We've created a database that is unique in France, affording us an incredibly clear overview of the situation in real-time, with forecasting features to better manage our region," explained Christian Estrosi, Deputy Mayor of Nice and the President of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis.

Expected outcome: comfort and energy savings with savings of 20 to 40% expected for buildings and 10 to 30% on street lighting.


InterFlex : Nice Smart Valley

The Smart Grid Interflex Project, carried out by Enedis and supported by the Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur, was retained among the six laureates of the H2020 LCE2 initiative offered by the European Commission and will receive 75M€ in financial support.

In the “Low-Carbon Energy” category for European projects, Enedis chose to install the French Smart Grid Interflex in Nice. This decision comes on the heels of successful experimentation undertaken in the Nice Grid project, at Carros. Nice Grid encourages business and homes to consume less electricity by reducing and delaying their electricity consumption.

The new Smart Grid Interflex Project will allow the Côte d’Azur to delve even deeper into the field of Smart Grids, and to test different innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption, improve the production and distribution of electricity and test new methods of energy storage.

By adding the Smart Grid Interflex project to this network, Nice confirms its position as the 4th smartest city in the world and contributes to make the Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur region, the smartest in Europe.


Security: the largest system of France

Nice is a top regarding the security. Il develops the largest nework of video cameras protection of France: 2 348 cameras connected to an Intelligent Video Protection System, can automatically detect in real time any "abnormal" behavior.